Walking netball is a modified version of netball adapted to reduce the risk of injury and falls to players whilst promoting a safe environment for play! 

It's fun, friendship & participation. Mixed teams (14+) who may be less mobile from injury, illness or just life’s long journey. 

It’s for everyone!




* No running, no jumping anywhere on court


Players must have one foot in contact with the court at all times


* Players must receive the ball with one foot grounded then may shuffle to regain balance              before the ball is passed or shot


* The ball is to be passed within four seconds of receiving


* Defenders must be four feet defending distance from the player with the ball


* Subs can be made after a goal is scored


* 4 x 10 minute quarters


* Sport shoes must be worn


* All jewellery is to be removed


* Fingernails cut short


* Fun is compulsory


Ladies and mixed teams welcome


Enquiries and registrations email: info@nambournetball.com.au 


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